ワンダー LEDライトバーの水分 ?

ワンダー how to select a good LEDライトバー before you send to your customers to destroy your fame ?


1、 LEDライトバー is sealed well but in the production the high humidity air is not dried totally.If the LEDライトバー has been working for more than one hour and it suddenly rains, the vapor turns into liquid because of cold snap.

This happens mostly with the LEDライトバーs which were produced in wet weather ( October in Guangzhou China )

2、 LEDライトバー is not sealed well, the temperature inside gets down when you turn it off after one hour working. The vapor gets inside with air because of negative pressure.Then next time the vapor inside an LEDライトバー turns into moisture like the situation 1.

3、 LEDライトバー is sealed badly, like poor quality waterproof rubber pad on both ends,Wrong size screws,wrong size PC lens which leaves gap one LEDライトバー.You can image how easy it is for the water to get inside from the gap.

This situation you see there a lot of water or condensation inside the LEDライトバー instead of moisture.

4、 LEDライトバー uses a fake breather valve or, some manufacturers even use a reticulation sticker ,( Always black color matching the LEDライトバー body colour ) to cover the hole which was supposed for a breather valve. This situation also gives a gap for the water entering like situation 3.

ところで、 サンヤングライト is not opposing to use breather valve. Actually a good breather valve does extend the lifetime because it balances the pressure outside and inside the LEDライトバー.


So, the reasons for moisture in LEDライトバー are: incorrectly sealing, wet air in production.

今、あなたは尋ねるかもしれません、私はすでに理由を知っています moisture in LEDライトバー, but how to know my LEDライトバー from supplier have this problem before I send to my customers ?Below are the ways.

1, To judge if the LEDライトバー is ひどく密封された.

Put your LEDライトバー into a bucket with 1 meter deep water. Few seconds later if there is still bubble coming out it proves the LEDライトバー is ひどく密封された.


Connect it with power (DC 12V or 24V ), Leaving it working for around one hour. Put the LEDライトバー into water like the way 1 above. The vapor will becomes moisture to be seen visually.

In the last, San Young's suggestion to wholesalers is to find a reliable manufacturer with good quality LEDライトバーs because every penny counts.