A smart sensor to turn off car lights automatically when you leave ( For LED Light bars, LED Work Lights, LED Driving Light and LED Headlight)


If we search on Google, we can see there are full of those kinds of questions on google as below:

left car lights on for 3 hours

left car lights on overnight car won't start

If you ever did that, you know you have to jumpstart your car. Or in a worse situation, you have to pay for a new battery. Anyway, our topic here is how to prevent it from happening again

Recently, LightsGoGo has designed an " Automatic Turn Off Sensor "(ATOS) for car use. It is designed to connect with any kind of electronic products on car, original or retrofit.

It includes Vibration sensor, 40A relay and other components.

Below to introduce how it works in different situations

1, When the driver starts the engin. The ATOS detects the vibration and sends demand to the relay to connect power.

But the auxilary light (Or orignal headlight ) is not on till the driver turn on it manually.

Automatic turn off sensor

2,Driver leaves the car and turn off the switch manually. The lights will be turnned off

Automatic turn off sensor