• 2019-12-23


5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Value

Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2019

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Very Good lights for all purposes. First off they are very Bright and go along way, however the best part of these lights is the fact you can run the Low beams which I would consider a Flood light by itself with separate switches. Which is probably going to be the most use full part of the light system. I would say that in low beam mode it lights up about 25 yards to either side of the truck and about 100 to 150 yards straight out, going down my development it lights up the houses on both sides of the street for about a 1/4 of a mile. Perfect for backroad driving trying to spot dear and ditch's. The high beams are incredible but not something you would be able to use on public roads. Yes they are that bright, because high beams also turn on the sideshooter flood lights so you get the 25 yards to either side of the truck plus they lite up a tree line at 350 yards at about 150ft high trees. I used my local driving range to gage my distances. To give you an idea my 3 hella 500 driving lights with modified Led bulbs would only go out to about 150yards and no where near the spread of light of a flood pattern that these do. Your results will very based on where you mount them on the truck. Mine are currently front bumper high below low the top grill. Not the best placement for total use of the light. The higher you mount them the better they will do.

Now here are somethings you need to consider. They are big and a bit heavy due to the fact of the Aluminum housing but that is ok just be the build quality is spot on. no defects or manufacturing shortcuts that I could tell. After buying Hellas for the past 30years they are not worth the money even at half the cost of these. Now the wiring this job is easy if you take your time. Anyone who says they can wire this style of light in under and hour is full of BS. You have to take your time, each light has 4 wires, and you need to run a 5 pole 40 amp relay and a DPDT switch. or you can do a control box and panel like I did which will save you time and probably money in the long run. I paid $100 for the Nilight 6 button control box of amazon. It did a perfect job. I run the High beam off one button on the switch and the low beams of a second button on the switch and the marker driving light off of a third button on the switch. if you want you can just wire the high beam by itself or just the low beam by itself on a single switch and relay old school style if you want. I will post pictures as soon as we have a clear night, but it has been snowing and raining everyday since I got these mounted and wired. I plan on wiring and mounting another set of these on my truck but its going to have to wait till spring because its just to damb cold here in Pa. Now these are way better than any light bar I have seen from just about all price points. Yes even the expensive brands light Bars look cool but not that effective if you are looking for serious lighting at a effective long range. Now I will say I run led lights in my headlights and at close range these fill in the gaps of where the factory lights fall short. If you are on a budget I would really recommend these lights. Fyi, not Dot approved lights but then again are any of them anymore. Fyi these are currently shipping out of China, not a big deal use PrIME and you are safe, I received them in about 10 days and that included Thanksgiving week shipping. I contacted these guys directly and they have been very positive to deal with. Folks just about every light bar out their and lights at this point are shipping out of China including Hellas, Just skip the middle man Marketing.

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