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A warning system to avoid a rear-end collision for car safty driving

To protect our invention patent the photos, detailed technology is not shown here.Any company who is interested please contact us directly.

Product Name: Anti Crash Warning System

Working Voltage: 10-30V DC

Size: 7X5X6CM

Shape: streamline Shaped

Power Supply: Solar powered or car battery powered

Mounting Way: Magnet absorped,Screws,3M double-side tape

Working Way:

1), Set " Safty Distance" and "Dangerous Distance" manully according to the trafic situation. Or just use the default setting

2),Get it mounted on the behind of your car with power supply. Drivers can also mount it on the side and the front of the car which has same function as it's on the behind.

3), When the behind/side car reaches "Safty Distance" the system will give a wanring flashing light towards the behind car to remind it

4),When the behind/side car reaches "Dangerous Distance" the system will double the frequence of the flashing light and also 90 decibel beep to remind the behind car and youself.

5) Both warning way only stops when the behind / side car is out of the setted distance.

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